About Syz Jewelry

The Company

Incorporated in 2012, Syz Jewelry is an experienced Jewelry Design and Fabrication studio located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, China. Syz Jewelry has been specialized in offering full set services to artists in Jewelry industry, by offering all kinds of jewelry settings in 10K gold, 14K gold and sterling silver. One of our notable advantages is that we offer as many different sized settings as possible, so our clients can always find a fit for their creation, at cost level price. 

At Syz Jewelry, we believe making jewelry is a way of life, not just a way of living. We don’t believe age, gender or past actions define you, only your ambition and desire for wholeness… today. 

We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique designs and styles merged with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity. Our full customization service, design work from a concept to the finished piece, leading us to many returned customers. We are passionate about active lifestyles - and it goes way beyond jewelry.