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3 Carat Round 9mm Loose Moissanite White D Color RD 9x9mm VVS1 Certificate

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This is a one pieces Moissanite Gemstone, D Color VVS1, you can test with any diamond tester. 

I also have moissanite with more size and shape selections, you can always find a fit your need, here is my other list:

Gemstone Name :- Moissanite
Gemstone Size :- 9 mm ( 3 CT)
Gemstone Quantity  :-  One Pieces
Gemstone Cut  :- Faceted Cut
Gemstone Shape  :- Round Shapes   
Gemstone Quality  :-excellent Quality
Gemstone Color  :- White Color (D)
Gemstone Clarity  :-Transparent
Gemstone Type :- Synthetic Gemstone

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