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Loose Moissanite Greenish Blue Color 1 2 3 5 Carat Round facet VVS 6.5 8 9 11 mm

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Faceted Cut excellent Quality Loose Moissanite, VVS, with Certification.

This is genuine Moissanite, You can test it with any diamond tester, comes with certification for you if stone is above 5mm. 

I also have moissanite with more size and shape selections, you can always find a fit your need, here is my other list:

Gemstone Name :- Moissanite

Gemstone Size :- various

Gemstone Quantity  :-  One Pieces

Gemstone Cut  :- Faceted Cut

Gemstone Shape  :- Round Shape   

Gemstone Quality  :-Excellent Quality

Gemstone Color  :- Greenish Blue

Gemstone Clarity  :-VVS

Gemstone Type :- Synthetic Gemstone

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The weight is approximate only, it's the equivalent weight to same size diamond, not the actual moissanite stone weight. 

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